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Annapolis Update 1/27/11

Dear Friends,

As the newest member of the District 39 legislative team, the first few weeks of Maryland’s 428th legislative session have been some of the most invigorating of my life. I feel fortunate to have arrived in Annapolis in time for what could be a landmark year for progressive Democrats:

  • 58 House members have signed onto the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, a bill that would legalize same-sex marriages in Maryland.  The time has come for Maryland to lead on this issue, and I am honored to be a co-sponsor. For more click here.
  • There is no reason that someone suffering from a debilitating disease should be deprived of medicine that could aid in their recovery or in coping with terminal illness. Therefore, I am proud to be co-sponsoring a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. Patients and doctors–not the courts–should decide what medications are suitable. For more click here.
  • On the local front, the Glenbrooke stormwater management pond in District 39 needs repairs. Senator Nancy King and I are introducing a bill that would help fund the renovation. If we are going to save the Chesapeake Bay we need to ensure that our stormwater management infrastructure is in tact. As a member of the Environmental Matters Committee I look forward to working on issues related to the health of the Chesapeake.

These are a few of the many issues I plan to work on this session. As the weeks progress I will keep you updated, and urge you to contact me with any ideas, questions, comments or concerns; my door is always open, my phone always on, and my inbox just a click away:


By Authority: Friends of Shane Robinson; Mary Robinson, Treasurer.