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Annapolis Update 2/25/11

Here is what happened this week in Annapolis:

  • In what was truly an amazing moment to be a Marylander, marriage equality legislation passed the Senate. Now, it’s on to the House, where it’s important not to take anything for granted. Please call your legislators and make your voice heard. And remember, as Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. once said :  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Let’s end the injustice of treating our gay and lesbian friends as second-class citizens.
  • Earlier this week, a bill that would require PEPCO to abide by reliability standards was heard in the Economic Matters Committee. I am a proud co-sponsor of this legislation crafted by Delegate Feldman, Governor O’Malley and Councilman Berliner. Hopefully, with bi-partisan support, this vital bill will pass.
  • In Environmental Matters we heard a bill–presented by Delegates Holmes and Mizeur–that would put a hold on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Maryland until a study is completed determining whether or not it can be done safely. There have been significant issues in other areas of the country with this process of natural gas extraction, and many environmental experts feel we should hold off until we figure out how to utilize this method without risking public health.

Further, I have enjoyed hearing from my constituents this session, and encourage you to continue to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns you may have:


Annapolis Update 2/18/11

It was an eventful week in Annapolis:

  • On Wednesday, I presented HB-329–a bill exempting senior centers from the Public Information Act–to the Health and Government Operations Committee.  As it stands now, anyone can walk into a senior center and request the personal information of the members under the Public Information Act. I am an ardent supporter of increased transparency in government, but the PIA was not designed to make citizens’ personal information available to unscrupulous individuals.  It’s time to close this loophole and protect the privacy of senior citizens.
  • Earlier in the week, I wrote a piece for on marriage equality. Hopefully, this will be the year we pass legislation extending equal marriage rights to same-sex couples.
  • I continue to hear from Montgomery County constituents who are rightfully concerned about K-12 funding in this year’s budget. It’s true, under the Thornton formula funding should have increased by $94 million. However, with the increase in student population and decrease in county wealth, Montgomery County will still receive an additional $33 million in K-12 funding. I’m not 100 percent pleased with this outcome, but with your support, I will continue to fight for teacher pensions and education funding.

Annapolis Update 2/11/11

Aileen and Delegate Robinson during Developmental Disabilities Day

With the legislative session now a month old and bill hearings in full swing I want to update you on what I’m working on:

  • Earlier this week in Environmental Matters, we held a hearing on hydraulic fracturing (also known as “fracking”). If we decide to move forward with granting permits for this process of natural gas extraction, I’m extremely concerned with the potential for contaminating our water supply. I’m a strong supporter of a bill to require a comprehensive study of all the factors involved in hydraulic fracturing that could potentially harm our drinking water, pollute the Chesapeake Bay, and endanger the health of Marylanders as result. Before we consider granting permits to gas companies to drill on Maryland soil we must make sure there are safeguards in place to protect the environment and public health.
  • Today, the Montgomery County delegation met with Senator Ben Cardin, who spoke about continuing our commitment to move Maryland forward as a leader in implementing health care reform. Let’s continue to focus on solutions, rather than implementing obstacles to progress.
Again, please continue to contact me with any ideas, questions, comments or concerns you may have; my door is always open, my phone always on, and my inbox just a click away: 


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Annapolis Update 2/4/11

Dear Friends,

Here is this week’s legislative update:

  • Delegate Brian Feldman is introducing a bill– the Maryland Electricity Service Quality and Reliability Act– that would require the Public Service Commission to adopt reliability standards relating to the delivery of electricity, enforce penalties when the standards are not met, and credit customers as a result. I’m a proud co-sponsor, and am eager to hear PEPCO representatives answer for their failures during the public hearing this Tuesday, February 8th, here in Annapolis.
  • Today, I introduced a bill that would discourage the disposal of printer cartridges and closed electronic devices in landfills. When disposed of improperly, these devices severly pollute the environment. If we are to improve the health of this region’s economic stalwart–the Chesapeake Bay–we must get serious about targeting the most egregious pollutants.

Further, over the past few weeks I’ve been encouraged by the amount of constituent correspondence I’ve received. Hearing from you is the best part of this job, and I urge you to contact me with any ideas, questions, comments or concerns you may have. Again, my door is always open, my phone always on, and my inbox just a click away:


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By Authority: Friends of Shane Robinson; Mary Robinson, Treasurer.