Annapolis Update–2/10/12

I filed a bill this week that would require sludge from dredged lakes to be tested before being disposed of. This sludge can be toxic–as was recently the case with Lake Whetstone–and I don’t want children playing on fields where it has been spread. I would like to thank Senator Nancy King for spearheading this effort. Hopefully, we will pass this legislation and protect the safety of our children.

I also continue to work to pass a bill to ban toxic fracking wastewater from being treated at Maryland plants incapable of handling it. Click here for a Montgomery County Gazette piece on this year’s legislative efforts to combat this questionable process of natural gas extraction. I look forward to the Environmental Matters Committee hearing on this bill this coming Wednesday. You can view this hearing, and all others, online.

Also this week, my bill requiring that intersections with non-functioning traffic lights be treated as four-way stops was voted out of committee. I was glad to see my colleagues unanimously support this common sense solution.  Non-functioning traffic signals can be a serious source of confusion on the roads; it’s important to fix this and increase the safety of our transportation network.

Lastly, as we get into the heart of this year’s legislative session, I have appreciated the frequent correspondence with constituents. My decisions are informed by these conversations, so please continue to reach out.


p.s.– If you, or someone you know who is a resident of District 39, wishes to apply for a delegate scholarship, click on the “Constituent Services” tab. There you will find information on how to apply, and links to the appropriate websites. I am proud to be collaborating with the Universities at Shady Grove and the Montgomery County Educational Foundation in the awarding process.

By Authority: Friends of Shane Robinson; Mary Robinson, Treasurer.