Annapolis Update 3/5/11

It has been a historic week in Annapolis:

The marriage equality bill passed out of the House Judiciary Committee with a 12 to 10 vote, and now moves to the House floor. I look forward to the honor of voting for this measure early next week. The bill stalled briefly due to several of my colleagues prioritizing religious beliefs and personal political matters over the rights of gay and lesbian Marylanders. Thankfully, it appears that those individuals have put aside those issues, and that the measure will be voted on this coming week. All citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, deserve to be treated equally under the law.

Elsewhere, in the Environmental Matters Committee, we heard a bill that would prevent housing discrimination based on source of income. I’m a proud co-sponsor of this bill, and hearing first-hand from victims of this practice further solidified my support. Discrimination–in any form– is wrong, and I pledge to continue to combat and confront it whenever possible.

Also in Environmental Matters, we heard two bills vital to protecting public health. The first would prevent poultry companies from using arsenic in their feed.  The second would ban the use of atrazine–a controversial weed killer that has been linked to many health problems. We need to continue to protect the public from unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals. As a member of the Environmental Matters Committee, I will continue to look for instances where this is occurring and for ways in which I can stop it from happening.

Finally, on Wednesday I presented House Bill 473, which would ban individuals from knowingly disposing of certain electronic devices, and ink and toner cartridges, into landfills and incinerators. Currently, 97% of Marylanders have access to government-provided recycling programs designed for these items. With very little funding we could extend that coverage even further, and also institute educational outreach programs. In addition, there are numerous retail outlets and mail-in programs for free and proper recycling of these items. For more information check out

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your insight and feedback. I’m here to work for you, and will do my best to help move Maryland forward.



Annapolis Update 2/4/11

Dear Friends,

Here is this week’s legislative update:

  • Delegate Brian Feldman is introducing a bill– the Maryland Electricity Service Quality and Reliability Act– that would require the Public Service Commission to adopt reliability standards relating to the delivery of electricity, enforce penalties when the standards are not met, and credit customers as a result. I’m a proud co-sponsor, and am eager to hear PEPCO representatives answer for their failures during the public hearing this Tuesday, February 8th, here in Annapolis.
  • Today, I introduced a bill that would discourage the disposal of printer cartridges and closed electronic devices in landfills. When disposed of improperly, these devices severly pollute the environment. If we are to improve the health of this region’s economic stalwart–the Chesapeake Bay–we must get serious about targeting the most egregious pollutants.

Further, over the past few weeks I’ve been encouraged by the amount of constituent correspondence I’ve received. Hearing from you is the best part of this job, and I urge you to contact me with any ideas, questions, comments or concerns you may have. Again, my door is always open, my phone always on, and my inbox just a click away:


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By Authority: Friends of Shane Robinson; Mary Robinson, Treasurer.