The Time is Now. Vote for Equality. Vote FOR Question 6.


It’s that time again. Tomorrow, we head to the polls and exercise the right at the core of our democracy: the right to vote. On the ballot, you will be asked to vote “for” or “against” several questions; I write to request you to vote for Question 6–the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which provides civil marriage licenses to committed gay and lesbian couples.

Last session, I was proud to be part of the legislature that passed this bill because I felt extending equal marriage rights to all Americans was, simply put, the right thing to do. Our nation was founded on the principles codified in this legislation. Should Question 6 pass, all of Maryland’s children, no matter their parents’ sexual orientation, would be treated equally under the law; gay and lesbian spouses would be assured of hospital visitation rights when their loved ones fell ill; and families across the state would be solidified by the unparalleled bond of marriage. We owe it to those who conceived of a nation characterized by liberty and justice, and to our gay neighbors, friends, doctors, teachers, first responders, and veterans, to create a more just Maryland. Please join me in voting for Question 6 tomorrow.

(If you need to find your polling location click here.)


By Authority: Friends of Shane Robinson; Mary Robinson, Treasurer.